Chowdown Edition : Chicken Chop Fight


In this new type of article, I will pit 2 contenders in the same food genre and find out which one tops the other in terms of pricing, quality, taste, environment, service, location and comeback factor.

Today, it’s all about the chicken chop. Not any hipster, fusion or fine dining style variation but the old school, coffee shop-style, greasy, delicious breaded and fried chicken on a plate doused with delicious sauce and served by a Western Food stall.

Contender 1:

Western Food inside Restoran Hup Soon


Address: 7, Jalan SS 3/29, Taman University, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Business Hours (coffeeshop only, chicken chop probably at night only):
Everyday 7am – 10pm, except closed on Tuesday
Contender 2:Western Food inside Restoran Kuan Yew

Address: Jalan SS 3/31, Taman Universiti, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact: +60 12-383 4762
Business Hours (coffeeshop only, chicken chop probably at night only):
Everyday 6am – 12pm, 6pm – 11pm
Hup Soon’s Chicken Chop

The coffee shop is your archetypal suburban kopitiam you’d grow up eating. Very familiar feel, nostalgic and comforting. It feels lived in and tells a story of a different era gone by. The western food stall was a throwback to the good ole days of simple, straight to the point, no-frills style of block capital fonts illuminated by white lighting. Fantastic.


They have many different choices of western fare, as is the case with all respectable old school western food outlets, but our main aim is chicken chop, so chicken chop was what we ordered.



It looked the part alright. Crispy yet airy batter drenched in Hainanese style tomato sauce which had chopped carrots, peas and onions. Served with crinkle fries and coleslaw, it was as old school as you could get.

The chicken was sufficiently tenderised, and tasted really good. Not too oily yet retained its moisture. It worked pretty well with the batter. Coleslaw was alright, and the fries was what you’d expect from a bag of frozen fries. Combined together, it was a nostalgic trip for your tastebuds to days where a good plate of chicken chop was a treat on days your mum decides not to cook.

Satisfied. But we were not done yet, because …

Kuan Yew’s Chicken Chop

We literally hopped next door for Kuan Yew’s chicken chop. Yes folks, these 2 coffee shops were located next to each other.

This coffee shop seemed just a tad more occupied with people, as they had more variety of hawker fare and it seemed more people (read: ah peks) went there to drink (read: Carlsberg / Tiger large bottle with small glasses with ice cubes).

Well, that isn’t our main aim, which was the chicken chop. So we tried.



The sauce for this was a bit different. It wasn’t so tomato-ey and it didn’t have the carrots or peas. It was more creamy, slightly more towards pasta sauce consistency and less tangy. It was very nice, though just different slightly from the more familiar taste of Hup Soon’s one.

Chicken was good also. Almost the same standard as Hup Soon, though it loses out very (and I mean very) slightly in terms of crispiness of batter and size of chicken. However, the chicken was even juicier and oilier than Hup Soon’s. The batter was also slightly oilier. Fries was about the same standard but the coleslaw had a slight edge over Hup Soon’s as it was less creamy and more fresh than Hup Soon’s.


Pricing:  Hup Soon’s is RM1 cheaper than Kuan Yew’s. (1 point)
Quality: Both are equal in this respect (tied)
Taste: Hup Soon’s had the slight edge thanks to its sauce and batter (1 point)
Environment: Both are your quintessential kopitiam but the environment at Kuan Yew feels a tad more attuned for drinking and it seems they have slightly more variety in terms of other food, so this one goes to Kuan Yew (1 point)
Service: Hup Soon’s came faster than Kuan Yew’s though that may be because there were more people at Kuan Yew’s (0.5 point)
Location: Both are literally next to each other (tied)
Comeback Factor: For the chicken, Hup Soon’s. For chicken, hangout and drinks, Kuan Yew’s (tied)
TOTAL: Hup Soon (2.5) wins Kuan Yew’s (1)

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