Smoked Meats @ Bangi


Itik Salai Mastar
Address: Kampung Sungai Ramal Dalam, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia
Business Hours: Everyday 11am – 10pm except closed on Fridays
A relatively hidden gem of a place with great nasi campur Melayu with smoked goodness ranging from its infamous duck (itik salai), beef, chicken and fish doused with is infamous Masak Lemak Cili Api.
The place is actually a lot inside a Malay food court in Bangi where there are other stalls such as those selling drinks, kuihs, sundries and even popcorn.
From KL or PJ, it’s a decent 40 minute by car into Bangi and then drive until you find Medan Selera Adikku. Once there, park and walk towards the corner lot that has a lot of people queuing up (see pic above) or where there are lots of smoke coming from its smoking section (see pic below).
Next to its smoking station you would see several large woks and pans bubbling with its delicious Masak Lemak Cili Api, a yellow-looking curry that does not look that spicy but packs quite a whallop in the heat department, together with savoury spiciness.
You can choose to order the meats doused or cooked inside is Masak Lemak Cili Api or, if you’re a carnivore like me who wants to appreciate the full smokiness of the meat, you order the meat plain and ask for the curry as an accompaniment. Like this.
The rice set comes with 2 slices of cucumber and a piece of deep-fried ikan masin. You can then choose however much meat you want. I whacked 1 duck leg, 1 portion of thinly carved smoked beef and grilled ikan keli (catfish). Some in our group also tried the variations of the meat cooked in the curry. And there was also salted duck egg to add on to your feast.
The duck was extremely good with smoky flavour complimenting its gamey duck oil smell with just the hint of seasoning.
It was an extremely indulgent meal where you eat in no-fuss, no-frills, canteen-like atmosphere; perfect for a lazy afternoon spent with friends and family sprinkled with great laughter, eating with your hands and filling yourselves to your heart’s desire.
A very nice place and one I would definitely come back again (considering the prices are still very value-for-money).


Pricing: 9/10 – Very cheap and affordable if you live in PJ/KL and are used to getting chopped to pieces when you eat out.

Quality: 8.5/10 – Very great pieces of meat cooked in Malay kampung style.

Environment: 7/10 – Laidback, chilled and very no-frills. The only slight drawback is that the tables can get swamped with flies.

Service: 7.5/10 – Though it is self-served, the people helping to man the lines and serve the food are extremely helpful and would even help bring side plates and utensils to your table if they see you struggling with more food than you can manage.

Location: 6/10 – It’s in Bangi, a town outside of Greater KL which is around a 40-minute drive from the city if there is no traffic jam.

Comeback Factor: Will definitely consider when craving for smoked duck or entertaining out-of-towners who want a slightly off-the-beaten trail foody goodness. But the distance would deter too regular visits.


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