Porky Thai Food in a Mall


Thai Hou Sek (1 Utama)
Address: 1 Utama Shopping Centre, S32 Second Floor, 1,, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-7731 7933
Business Hours: Everyday, 10am – 10pm
Sometimes, you would shop, shop and shop (or if you’re a husband / boyfriend / son / brother, accompany your women to do so) for an entire day at a mall, and come dinnertime, feel in the mood for something delicious, filling and spicy.
This is the place for such an occasion.
Located in one of the upper floors of the new Old Wing (with the New Wing being now older in terms of look and style), Thai Hou Sek is a resto serving Thai food that is loaded with porky goodness. So, if you’re a porky lover and also someone who loves your soury Thai food, it’s a bonus.
The place is very cosy, with artful decor and enough eclectic mix of art-pieces to give it a modern and stylish feel. The wait staff were pretty decent (though an important caveat: I went during school hols so the temp staff were mostly enthusiastic students probably just filling their time during their school break).
On to the food.
Nothing spectacular, but decent and nice. Portions are good, the amount of pork served are generous, and the freshness of ingredients (very important for Thai cuisine) are there. The only downside to all of this is the pricing. You could expect to pay maybe 10-20% more than a resto of its equivalent standard, but that’s a given considering rental in 1 Utama isn’t exactly cheap.
As there were only 2 of us, we had the following:
Braised pork belly with flat rice noodles. Delicious, sweet and full of porky oiliness and comes with hard boiled eggs and some preserved vegetables for that tangy taste difference. Overall, pretty good, but recommended for sharing as the sweetness could be a bit overwhelming come the end of the bowl. The braised pork was soft and delicious.
Siew Yoke (crispy roast pork belly) Tomyum. This was good. The tomyum had enough spiciness and kick, while the roast pork gave it a fantastic porky taste. Caveat though: I am a big fan of siew yoke, and I think it goes with ANY food. So I am still not too certain whether the tomyum taste was elevated a few notches higher than it actually was simply because of the roast pork belly. Overall, very satisfying.
Minced pork with basil leaves and rice, pad-thai style. This was alright. Nothing out of this world but yet it ticks all the boxes. The rice was a tad too soft though, and the dish would have been elevated had they used proper Thai jasmine rice. Still, a good dish to fill up your stomache and tickle your tastebuds.
Overall, we were happy with our meal, while being conscious of the fact that the price may not be considered too value-for-money simply because it is in a shopping complex. It is still one of the better food options inside 1U. However, if I am not already inside 1U, I would not drive out all the way there just for this when I want Thai food.


Pricing: 5/10 – A bit on the premium side, due to the fact that it is inside one of Klang Valley’s higher end shopping malls.

Quality: 7/10 – Good stuff with good taste that does not disappoint. The pork in every dish was the bonus.

Environment: 7.5/10 – Quite nicely done up and tucked inside a busy shopping mall. A respite from shopping and walking it is.

Service: 7.5/10 – Good and attentive.

Location: 7/10 – Highly convenient if you are already in 1U. Even if you are not, 1U is one of the more strategically located and accessible malls in PJ.

Comeback Factor: Only if I was already inside 1U shopping. If I was not in 1U, there are better options out there.


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