Kou Shui Porridge, Cheras


Kou Shui Porridge
Address: 526, Jalan Cheras, Taman Pertama, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:03-9200 2611
Business Hours: Everyday, 17:00-04:30

Disclaimer: I am not really a porridge person. I mean, yeah, I can eat it, but it is not something I would actually drive miles, in the middle of the night, in search for.

Thus, when a foodie friend who has somewhat similar-ish taste as mine recommended we should go whack some good porridge located in Cheras (we live in PJ, which is like another planet away), it had to be really good to make it worth the trouble. Plus, we had just finished a round of badminton, so the stomache was really looking for something good to satiate it.
Did it satisfy? Fortunately, yes. Will I come back for more? Definitely, yes. If only I stayed in Cheras. Anyways, on to the review.
It was really, really good. You could tell the place was a supper or after-drinking hours institution, as they were only gearing up for crowd around 10-ish pm. When we reached (close to 11pm) we had to wait for 15minutes for the porridge to be done cooking. But when it arrived, boy it did not disappoint.
Silky smooth, perfect rice cooked to almost gelatinous perfection served in a piping, charcoal-hot claypot with simple spring onions and ginger as garnish. That alone would have been just perfect, but I had the seafood porridge. Chunks of delectable seafood infused with the superb porridge (which included 2 large and juicy tiger prawns) was simply the bomb.
The others in our group had the pork intestine porridge and the classic century egg and pork one. All gave double thumbs up as well.
If our meal was to be a gastronomical masterpiece, the porridge itself was the canvass, the ingredients were the majestic paint colours and it was all put together by the masterful strokes of its side dishes: namely the Kung Po Eel and Sesame Oil Frog Legs.
Simply gorgeous. The Kung Po eel packed a kung fu kick to the tastebuds where the spicy tang complemented the subtle softness of the eel. Sesame Oil frog legs were also magnificient as the sesame oil infused the succulent frog legs with just enough aroma but not too much as to overpower it. Dunked into our creamy white goodness of the porridge, it was literally heaven in a bowl.
It was so good. So satisfying. By the time we were, done, there were empty claypots, glowing stomaches and a warm afterglow that can only be felt after whacking a mouth-watering supper of good porridge.


Pricing: 9/10 – Very reasonable and value for money for the kind of goodness you consume.

Quality: 9/10 – Delicious to the last creamy drop.

Environment: 6/10 – An old school outlet with no frills, no decor, right in the heart of Cheras. Not for bringing first dates or business partners.

Service: 7/10 – reasonable, though not overly friendly.

Location: 5/10 – near the PGRM in Cheras. Location is relative to the reviewer, and for someone living in PJ, it’s a bit of a distance for me.

Comeback Factor: definitely. Would be a regular supper place if not for the distance.


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