Pub Food @ Duke & Duchess, TTDI


Dukes & Duchess
Address: 52, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business Hours: Everyday 12pm to 2am

A chilled out, trendy sports bar-cum-cocktail lounge which serves pretty awesome food (read: wild boar curry), tucked in the watering hole boulevard of TTDI.

Food on the menu is pretty extensive. A mixture of Western, pub and Asian food. Place is dimly lit, yet tastefully decorated, modern, chic and has a warm cosy feel.

I had their signature dish, the wild boar curry in a claypot, served with rice and crackers. It was pretty good, though not as spicy as I thought it should be. The meat was tender and marinaded pretty nicely, with only a very slight hint of gamey-ness still there (something to be expected when tucking into strong-smelling meat like wild boar).



We also had their Piggy Fries, which was luncheon meat deep fried and cut to look like thick cut fries. Nothing out of the ordinary, typical pub finger food that pairs well with your drinkies. Oh, the only thing different was that they don’t serve these fries with the usual ketchup or chilli sauce. No sir, they serve it with their house sambal sauce, a fusion-sauce made from a sambal chilli padi paste but made sweeter. Works very well with the fries.


To round up the trinity of hogs for food would be their pork pies, which was not too bad. The crust was crumbly though a bit too much, with the filling a tad too thin. It was not bad, and again, taste good as beer food.


It was a lazy, rainy Sunday when we tucked into those food. So it was nice. And oh, they had some sort of a beer promo where you could get a frosty cold mug of Carlsberg Extra Ice for only RM7.99. Pretty neat deal.


Pricing: 6/10 – standard high class pub food price. Nothing out of the range you’d pay at Sid’s or Deutsche Gaasthaus or Tom Dick & Harry’s.

Quality: 7/10 -wild boar curry was good. The other 2 was so-so. Beer was cold and really refreshing. Need to come back for more to be able to judge better.

Environment: 8/10 – chic, trendy and cosy. A nice place to chill and hang out.

Service: 7.5/10 – we only saw a bartender and a waiter, but between them they managed to get orders and kept the food coming out pretty smoothly.

Location: 7.5/10 – drinking area of suburban TTDI. right smack between PJ and KL. parking may be a bit packed on Friday or Saturday nights but this is a fairly well-known and popular area.

Comeback Factor: probably, only to try their other dishes as the environment seemed quite welcoming.


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