Grilled Steak @ Ril’s Bangsar


Ril’s Bangsar
Address: 30, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business Hours:

Monday 12PM–1AM
Tuesday 12PM–1AM
Wednesday 12PM–3AM
Thursday 12PM–1AM
Friday 12PM–3AM
Saturday 12PM–3AM
Sunday 12PM–1AM


Along the fashionably hip, and constantly traffic jammed, Telawi area, this classy yet cosy establishment serves a good piece of steak and drinks. There is a bar upstairs which is pretty decent and nicely decorated and the dining happens in the ground floor where it is lavishly decorated but without tipping into the high society range.

An apt description of it would be ‘almost-fine-dining-yet-comfy-enough-to-walk-in-with-slippers’ (which I was wearing when we visited this place a couple of weeks back.



The service came with very generous smiles, and the 2 waitresses who took turns serving us were very helpful and accommodating.
We had a heavy lunch so was not too ravenous when it came to dinnertime when we tried this place. We just went there because we had a sudden case of steak craving whereby inferior stuff wouldn’t do yet we weren’t in the mood to go full on Prime yet. Somewhere along the lines of Jake’s was what we were looking for in Bangsar. And this place hit the mark.
We went simple, each of us having a slab of succulent grainfed Angus sirlion and tenderloin each, 300gms each. We took a side each, baked potatoes with cheese and some spinach dish which was pretty decent.
The meats were fresh and succulent, although my medium rare was slightly more towards medium and less rare. Maybe half a minute less time on the grill would have been just nice.
The steaks were flavoured with just enough basic seasoning and basted in butter about right, as we could taste the buttery-salty-pepperyness in every bite. Extra sprinkles of cracked black pepper and some salt was all was needed for every other bite. We didn’t even need to use the jus reduction which was served with the meat, although it was pretty nice itself.
Overall, it didn’t disappoint. The ambience, the understated class of the place and the good quality steaks lived up to its rep. However, for its price, it isn’t a place to be visiting every other day. Only when you’ve got a hankering for good but not yet wagyu or prime cuts of steak.
The drawbacks of this place, if one were to pick a bone, would be its relatively expensiveness and the fact that it’s right smack in the middle of Telawi where jams can materialise out of thin air for no reason at all.


Pricing: 5.5/10 – price is in that no-man’s-land in between affordable and expensive. Many may be tempted to think ‘if I just dished out slightly more I could be eating prime steak at a fine dining place’.

Quality: 8/10 – steak was good, although slightly off the mark from being spot on medium rare. No frills and side dishes have got to be ordered separately.

Environment: 8/10 – very classy without being overly pretentious.

Service: 8.5/10 – friendly, helpful and attentive staff.

Location: 6/10 – easy to find as it’s on Bangsar’s famous Telawi. However, finding parking and getting in and out of the area may be a turn-off during peak hours.

Comeback Factor: yes, but only if I’m in Bangsar, have a deep craving for good steak and my last visit was a long time ago.


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