Roast Duck Rice at Restoran Sunrise



Restoran Sunrise
Address: 31, Jalan 21/1, SEA Park, Petaling Jaya, 46300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 46300, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-7876 9689
Business Hours: 11.30am – sold out. Everyday except Mondays.

Decided to try this very popular roast duck rice shop in Sea Park, which has become some sort of an institution for serious duck lovers and PJ denizens.

Was told we had to be there right when it opens, at 11.30am, in order to get seats. They weren’t exaggerating. We reached around 11.45am and it was packed to the brim, with people milling around tables waiting for their turn to patronize this place.


Located in an old school kopitiam, environment is bare and simply functional. Understandable, given the quality of roast duck served there. Awesome.

4 of us had an entire duck at a reasonable RM51, plus rice, soup and vegetable. Rice was fragrant and nice. Soup was salty and soury. Vege was so-so. But the main event didn’t dissapoint at all.
Crispy, papery skin contrasted with juicy, tender duck meat with that unmistakeable hint of gamey smell which makes duck a meat which you either love or hate. Meat was a bit on the lean side, and they didn’t overdo the seasoning. Those with a tongue for salty meat may not find it flavourful enough. The accompanying black sauce to pour all over your meat was herbally and packs a punch.

Nothing much to comment on the blanched vegetables, except that it was perhaps drenched too much in garlic oil. The free kiam chai (pickled mustard green) soup that comes with the meal was really nice; soury and salty enough.

Very enjoyable, no-frills meal for serious roast duck lovers. Will definitely be back whenever the craving for duck rice returns.


Pricing: 7/10 – standard duck / chicken rice prices. value for money

Quality: 8.5/10 – very good for duck rice lovers

Environment: 5/10 – very bare / basic coffee shop and can get very crowded and packed.

Service: 7/10 – reasonable given the volume of people that patronize the place. may have to wait a bit.

Location: 7/10 – in an old part of Sea Park. parking can be a bit of a hassle but no trouble finding it if you can locate the iconic KFC of Sea Park.

Comeback Factor: big YES


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